Bonus Episode : Techqueria’s Breaking into Management with John Henry and Latinx Leaders

With 6 months left of 2019, We’re super excited and have a BONUS EPISODE for you! This is for anyone who is looking to further their careers and level up. This episode was done in partnership with Techqueria, the largest online community for latinx professionals in tech – check them out and join the slack.

Joy Valerie was invited to moderate a panel organized by Techqueria called “Breaking into Management” sponsored by Digital Ocean at their Headquarters in New York City.

We’re getting raw talking about growing up low income, latinx, and transitioning into entrepreneurship and management. Discussing their struggles, advice, and experiences in their careers.

On the panel we had

Alexandra Paredes: Ale is the Head of Engineering at Code Climate with over 10 years of technical experience and she is one of the founders of Latinas in Tech NYC.

Rafael Mojica, VP of User Experience at Digital Ocean. Multidisciplinary Interaction Designer with experience in research and strategy.

Veronica Genao is Dominican American from Queens, NY, MBA graduate, and Sales Director at Veoci, a cloud platform helping organizations prepare, respond, and recover from emergencies.

Edgar Gonzalez: Multifaceted technical career with 25+ years’ track of innovation and success. Current iteration: Principal Engineer @StreetEasy. Previously: Director of DevOps & Data Engineering @BlueApron. Co-founder & CTO @ Piictu

And our featured panelist

John Henry: He was Voted to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and Ebony’s Power 100 list. He’s a Dominican-American entrepreneur and investor from the Bronx, and you’ve probably seen him as the host of Hustle on Viceland.

Listen in to the gems shared and know – we are WORTHY to take up space.

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