On Being Suburban, Latinx, and Queer

What is it like to grow up in Long Island, New York as a Gay Latino Central American First Generation Man? Well on this episode of Basic Brown Nerds host Joy Valerie is sitting down with Douglas Quinteros to discuss it’s like to navigate these spaces.

Douglas Quinteros is the founder of The Loud Space, a platform for queer people of color to share their coming out stories and find community. Additionally, he is part of the Basic Brown Nerds team, Joy’s best friend, and primo.

Joy Valerie and Douglas discuss talk their parent’s immigration journey from Guatemala to opening a bodega together in Queens and their goals to carry on the legacy of their parents. They dig into their childhood, healing from trauma, and how they coped to be in a place they can thrive.

Douglas tells his own coming out story, coming out to Joy as teenagers, and how this shook her faith and strengthen their relationships.

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You can follow Douglas’ journey with Basic Brown Nerds and The Loud Space on Instagram.

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